KLILF 2007, Day 2

I got started a bit later than I wanted to this morning and had to run to catch a taxi. I wanted to figure out the bus system but I was just too tired/rushed to bother. Anyway, if I’m not sitting in a workshop or talk, I’m walking all over Bangsar Village 1 and 2 just checking out the sights and the shops. KL is a bit less intimidating after

KLILF 2007, Day 1

I survived Day 1 in KL! The awesome thing about it is that I met so many people who are also writers or poets, and a whole lot of people whom I’ve only known online. On hindsight, it could have been a little lonely and I was admittedly a little restrained because I don’t know where I stood with the KL crowd. However, a handful of other people made up

Idling About

Endless activity keeps me busy and… well, I was gonna say “happy” but that’s not true. Being busy gives me something to do. Sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it just something to focus on. Anyway, on with the update. Work: One more article to complete and I’m gone for the rest of the week! Holiday starts on Tuesday. Idle Nights 2: It went on well. I won’t call it