Am not!

Gette: my photo on blog. why does everyone think I look garang? They obviously haven’t SEEN me really garang.
Andrea: well when you don’t smile you either look garang or bored
Gette: nice
Andrea: pretty much depends on intensity of eyes
Gette: ok, since you should know…. XD

And I’d say she would know. Two years of working in the same office.

Andrea: two years working with you and that i’d picked up modelling pointers about eyes intensity from America’s Next Top Model. haha!

I could pretty much explain a few thing because Andrea and I had a rather interesting discussion about impressions, but I won’t. Anything else is always more fun than the truth. ;-)

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Author: Georgette Tan

writer . poet . introvert . NSFW hand letterer . equatorial eclectic


  1. Heya Tarlia!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and voting — I’ve no idea which cover will be chosen but now it’s neck-to-neck between A and B.

    As for your post here, betul ke garang? Looks more disgruntled… ;)

    Glad Xeus accepted your story — who knows I might just illustrate it on the inside if her publisher says yes…


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