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Idling About

Endless activity keeps me busy and… well, I was gonna say “happy” but that’s not true. Being busy gives me something to do. Sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it just something to focus on. Anyway, on with the update.

Work: One more article to complete and I’m gone for the rest of the week! Holiday starts on Tuesday.

Idle Nights 2: It went on well. I won’t call it a tough crowd. The ones who were there for it were listening, while the ones who are there because it’s Saturday night weren’t. We had some kids and they were listening so that was cool. I may not be crazy about kids in general but if they like the same things I do, they’re all right by me.

Part of me wished I wasn’t the one to do the organising because I tend to be more critical of things things I should have done differently. Even now, I’m still feeling awkward about a number of things.

However, I really enjoyed meeting Robert and Collin. I’ve really happy that I found them because of what they bring to the event as a whole.

I stumbled upon Robert’s website last month shortly after he and his family moved to Kuching. I contacted him and told him about IN. He was all for it. He’s one of those writers who write about the Malaysian life in a way that makes me feel like I’ve lived here all my life and have seen nothing. If you haven’t read anything by him, go to his website and pick up that free download.

Collin’s name was given to me by a colleague of mine who used to be in his class. His first time at a lit event and he earned the most number of dreamy female sighs from the room! (See, this is what happens when half your poetry is about the end of a relationship… we all want to take you home now.) Ribbing aside, his poetry actually made sense. They are all mini stories, and at the end of it, you get an immediate reaction.

Speaking of poetry that get an immediate reaction, Cucur Pisang Boy!! I feel sorry for those who don’t understand Malay, because it was funny!

Azreen came up with a something for the “Aku Sepasang Kasut” prompt and a flash fairy tale. I want to get copies of both. One started out pleasant and ended up sad. The other was just sinister and right up my alley.

As for me, I read a story I wrote in one hour at seven that same morning. It was a Kasut prompt as well.

Maggie reprised her crazy Zombie Maggot piece for Open Mike and gave us a couple of new ones. Robert and Collin followed with extras. I was considering doing the same but the Saturday crowd was starting to outnumber the lit crowd so we ended it there.

Fariah was a last minute stand-in for an MC but I like her style a lot. We may need her to do it again too. ;-)

Near the end of the evening, someone handed me her card and asked if she could join us for the next show. Well, yay!

They are videos but we all have to wait for me to come back from KL to sort it out with the crew. I did a quick post-mortem with them after the show. Not only did they have fun as well, they also offered to provide a mike the next time because the one in MOJO wasn’t exactly the kind you use for reading.

Thank you’s go out to everyone involved – those who posted about the event in their blogs, SMSed or emails their friends about us, and stepped into help when I ran to them crying.

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  1. Thanks Tarlia for the opportunity! The crowds were wonderfully supportive and the presenters were great! Glad to finally meet up with these very talented local ‘creative writers.’ I’m sure that there are more writers and poets out there and I hope that they will get to be featured in the next round of IN. Few of my work colleagues are (Oh-So) looking foward to it. Wouldn’t want to miss the return of The Cucur Pisang Saga, The Zombie Saga and the Kasut Saga : D Tarlia and Azreen did a great job on “Aku Sepasang Kasut.” A++++++ (Biased!) I should’ve (well could’ve) read this one that evening (there are more). Perhaps the end/demise of relationship poems were too depressing : )


    Toilet flushed
    Hands washed
    The aching pang
    Has not subsided
    If it was
    Last night’s curry

    – Collin Jerome

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