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Wow, FH2O’s referrals to the last post gave me my highest hits day ever. I still need to write another post about the other set of birds, but the reason for my long silence is what this post is for.

About a week ago, I was bitchslapped by the creative muse so bad that I had to put my life and sleep on hold and obey. I knew about the Dark City 2 anthology since it was announced in October, but no particular story nibbled at me so I let the matter go. Not until a week before deadline anyway.

So I wrote like a demon all week. Like all writers, I was plagued by all manner of pessimistic thoughts during the writing process… like “won’t finish on time” and “but the story isn’t the kind they want” and “my characters are all yakkity yak”.

But I didn’t want to come this close and not try. Most of the time, I never even start.

So I finished it and sent it in. Xeus got back to me within 24 hours, a lot faster than I expected. I couldn’t open the email for a couple of hours.

Tarlia: I got a reply from Xeus about the story I submitted for dark city 2. I’m afraid to open it.
chet-a-box: I think you’re in, lah
chet-a-box: Go ahead and open it

[Gette opens the email]

Tarlia: … you’re right. I’m in. Excuse me while I fall off my chair.
Tarlia: *thunk*
chet-a-box: Congratulations!

There are edits and rewrites to do, but I can deal with that.

Not too shabby, considering it’s my first fiction submission. (The one I donated to the MNS column some years ago doesn’t count because it didn’t pay.) Yes, it’s the first time I submitted my fiction to an actual “market”… despite the fact that I once had my stories floating in various places on the Internet and people liked them. I guess people have more confidence in me than I do in myself.

So, Dark City 2 will be published in April. Xeus told me that two other authors who will be in it are none other than Lydia Teh and Tunku Halim. Xeus herself will also be in it, of course.

My resolution this year is to focus on my fiction, since I ran out of excuses on why I haven’t been working on any. One of my aim is to finish rewriting my novel, or at least, write more stories. Even if the only place I’m going to put it is in a folder somewhere. I started reading more authors/book blogs and found places I can submit to. I added that as a sub-resolution.

As you can imagine, getting in the first time I tried is an excellent confidence boost. Thanks Xeus. Glad you liked my story.

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  1. Wow. Congrats! Btw… I think I always see your name in the local paper… did food reviews or something right? Wow… I’ve never met a real journalist! My cousin doesnt count of course. Heh heh.

  2. Congratulations! Always know that you’re talented in writing. Keep it up & don’t give up. I look forward to the day that I see one of your novels when browsing in the bookstore.

  3. hey georgette,
    I am leaving soon !!! Sob Sob sob… Just wish that we all could go out and had some crazy chats over ice cream or coffee again !!
    OH well….
    It was really awesome knowing you… and goodness.. the experience of the food sampling/tasting at bombastic cafe will be one remarkably unforgettable one !!! Thanks so much for that opportunity.
    You are truly one great writer I must say, and I havent told you. Even my mum enjoyed your articles in the postmag, we really admire your writing !! Keep up the good work.
    Do keep in touch through blogs ya, after all, even if I left Kuching, I am still a Kuching Blogger, and always will be !!!
    Cheers.. and take care.

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