Rescue me

Watching the first 4 episodes of Supernatural back to back last night brought Sam and Dean into my dreams to help me track down a terror that strikes only in the morning. This turned out to be my alarm clock.

Wimpy continental tongue

Aaron beat the papers to the Roseberry food review. Mine should be out in the Sunday edition as usual. The cafe scheduled the review at a rather awkward time. Normally I’d bring colleagues, but 4pm is rush hour in the newsroom and people who are available during that time are far and few in-between. I snagged Aaron (because he SMSed me the day before to let me know he’s back

Bel Canto video clips

My write-up on Bel Canto’s “A Night at the Movies” is in PostMag today yesterday. PostMag is still not online so I’m not going to bother linking. Since I have video clips from the night and I need a reason to update the blog this week, here’s a look at what you missed. Bel Canto – As Time Goes By Bel Canto – Into The West Bel Canto – Les


This is the kind of thing you read about and cringe/laugh at and hope it never happens to you. I made a pit stop before a meeting at the office this afternoon. After going through the motions (haha), I flushed and washed my hands. As I was fixing my hair, I caught a whiff of this awful smell… like someone didn’t flush. How uncivilised! A quick check in the empty