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Eating in KL

If there’s one thing about KL, you never go hungry! I ate exceedingly well there, thanks to friends to took me to cool places and quite often, bought me the meal as well. I certainly can’t stop myself from shooting photos of interesting food that arrived at the table, and thought that it merits a post of its own.

The night I arrived, my hosts Andy & Joyce took me to their favourite dinner place – Restoran OK. They serve up some tasty dishes like Butter Squid and Marmite Pork Ribs. The squid was a little dry but it was still nice. The place is pretty popular.

Butter Squid @ Restoran OKMarmite Pork Ribs @ Restoran OK
Butter Squid & Marmite Pork Ribs @ Restoran OK

My photo, however are not terribly pretty, hence the smaller version. I apparently arrived in KL ahead of my photo mojo. Fortunately, they get better.

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich @ Marmalade
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich @ Marmalade Hosted on Zooomr

The above was my lunch on Day 2 of the KL LitFest. It was at Marmalade at Bangsar Village. It was ok-ish, but not spectacular. I heard that their cakes are good.

delicious is a restaurant under the Ms. Read clothing label. There is a certain irony in a plus size clothing store branching out into food, but as the name of the place suggests, it’s delicious food. I was there for dinner with Chet and Sharon.

Aglio Olio Spaghettini @ delicious, by Ms. Read
Aglio Olio Spaghettini @ delicious, by Ms. Read Hosted on Zooomr

Aglio Olio is the most basic of pasta – olive oil and a dash of herbs. There no way you can get it wrong, yet there is an art to getting it right. It was actually quite refreshing to have something plain because of all the rich food I’ve been eating. The waiter was good enough to tell me that the dish is plain pasta, in case I didn’t know.

Nasi [Something] @ delicious, by Ms. ReadNasi [Something] @ delicious, by Ms. Read Hosted on Zooomr

Chet’s Nasi Something. Can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called now.

Joyce took me to Yut Kee Restaurant on Day 3. We ordered toast and their famous roti babi.

Roti Babi, Slaughtered @ Yut Kee RestaurantRoti Babi, Slaughtered @ Yut Kee Restaurant Hosted on Zooomr

I had lunch at Mizu (Bangsar) with See Ming. We had a grant time pigging out and catching up. Everything was so incredibly delicious.

Handrolled sushi @ MizuHandrolled sushi @ Mizu Hosted on Zooomr

Unagi @ MizuUnagi @ Mizu Hosted on Zooomr

Beef Sukiyaki @ MizuBeef Sukiyaki @ Mizu Hosted on Zooomr

Green Tea Ice Cream @ MizuGreen Tea Ice Cream @ Mizu Hosted on Zooomr

Joyce picked me up after and she wanted to get her lunch. We went to delicious again, but this time the outlet at The Curve. She had a salad and I had scones.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad @ delicious, by Ms. ReadMediterranean Chicken Salad @ delicious, by Ms. Read Hosted on Zooomr

Scones @ delicious, by Ms. ReadScones @ delicious, by Ms. Read Hosted on Zooomr

The salad was tangy and nice (although I won’t order salad), and the scones are like dried butter that returns to life in your mouth.

When will the eating stop?! :shock:

For dinner, we met up with Jude and another Kuching person Lisa. We went to William’s, which is a continental mamak near Lisa’s office.

Anti-Pesto @ William'sAnti-Pesto @ William’s Hosted on Zooomr

Seafood Spaghetti @ William'sSeafood Spaghetti @ William’s Hosted on Zooomr

Triple H @ William'sTriple H @ William’s Hosted on Zooomr

My last day in KL. Joyce and I went to IKEA for breakfast. I had this:

Open Face Shrimp Sandwich @ IKEAOpen Face Shrimp Sandwich @ IKEA Hosted on Zooomr

Several hours of shopping later came lunch at Winter Warmers. Nice looking place, but unfortunately they were very understaffed and service wasn’t really up to scratch.

Lime-Mint Tea Punch @ Winter WarmersLime-Mint Tea Punch @ Winter Warmers Hosted on Zooomr

Chicken Waffle @ Winter WarmersChicken Waffle @ Winter Warmers Hosted on Zooomr

Turkey Ham Sandwich @ Winter WarmersTurkey Ham Sandwich @ Winter Warmers Hosted on Zooomr

Phew! And that’s the last of the KL food photos. I have to say in most parts, I’m very impressed by the customer service in KL. Such a difference from the people here.

Thanks folks, for taking me to such neat places and making sure I’m fed!

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  1. Three things:

    1) It was nasi kerabu and ayam percik
    2) The Curve got delicious, meh?
    3) The sandwich I had at WW was egg and veggie. Very crunchy.

    I agree about WW IKANO being understaffed. And with their extremely floral table cloths, it was hard to see the crumbs!! Not very clean, lah.

  2. hey georgette !!
    It is so late at night and my tummy is growling like mad… and I was thinking ok I should go browse through non-food blogs… and I stumbled on ur page…
    Was trying to get away… but as I scrolled and scrolled.. arrrgghhhhh…
    Your pictures are “terribly pretty” !!!!

    Ok, I better just hit the submit button and close this page before it tortured me to death.

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