Independent Pet Rescuers, KL

Joyce and I went to Ikano on my last day in KL. So happened it was a Saturday. So happened that Saturday is exactly when the Independent Pet Rescuers set up camp outside Pet Safari.

What this people do is awesome and is something that I would like to see establish here at some point. They take in cats and dogs with no place to go and foster them until they can find them new homes. Pet Safari at Ikano is one of the places where to do their adoption drives.


I first came across their work a couple of years ago via an email over one of the Malaysian mailing lists I’m on. Sherrina emailed requesting people to send in photos of their cats and dogs for a fund raising calendar. I didn’t have any pets but I did photograph some of the animals at the SSPCA where I used to volunteer. I wrote offering these photos and got a reply saying they’ll let me know if they use them. I never heard back after, but I wasn’t too surprised because they wanted photos of pets and these photos didn’t exactly fit the description.

I wasn’t really paying attention to who these people outside Pet Safari were until I spotted the calendars. Then it all clicked. I knew I can’t come all this way (never mind by accident) and walk away without saying hello!


Interestingly enough, Sherrina remembers my email because I was one of the first to reply. She wrote back at some point because my links were broken, but I never received that email. But there’s always next year’s calendar! (Not that I’ve had any luck in the pet department still.)

There’s a few ways you can help them. The easiest way is to spread the word on what they are doing and point people to their blog. The other way is to go buy one of their calendars.

If you’re looking for a new pet, you can also go see if you can take one of these little guys off their hands.


It was an unexpected surprise but a good one to put a cap on my trip to KL. Go check them out if you have a chance!

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