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Not a free lunch

The entire paper had what we’ll call a “business lunch” with the CEO on Wednesday. I’m not going to talk about what the business was about, but I’ll show you what we ate.

Garden salad, with vinegar dressing.

Fish Fillet with butter lemon sauce

The fish fillet reminded me vaguely of airplane food (the one on MAS in particular), not that it’s a bad thing. It was actually quite delicious. The food was done by Tempayan Restaurant. (Hah, you didn’t know there’s a restaurant on the 3rd floor of Crown Towers, didja?) The food there is quite an improvement from last year.

The photos don’t show my plate of food. I had to shoot my neighbour’s because for some reason, the waitresses keep putting the ugliest one in front of me. They obviously don’t realise that I’m the food writer.

Author: Georgette Tan

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2 Comments on “Not a free lunch

  1. Hi. Thank you very much for these remarkable pictures. And sorry for putting the ugliest waitresses in front of you tho…

    Do visit us again next time.

    Thanks and regards,

    Jenny Moh
    Marketing Executive

    1. Jenny: Hello and thanks for dropping by. I said nothing about the waitresses being ugly. I go to TR quite often and think the staff is wonderful and capable. I said I had to photograph someone else’s plate of food because the ones I got were too messy to be photographed.

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