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Note to Night Callers

Dear family friends,

Please refrain from calling my household after 10:30pm. This is because people who still actually use the house phone are long asleep by then and waking them up (in the event that their hantu malam children are otherwise not available to pick up), is deemed rather impolite.

There are these things called mobile phones and text messages, where you can unobtrusively inquire if it’s too late to call the house. If it’s not a matter of life and death, it can wait till morning. The only occasion where calling the house at that hour of the night is considered acceptable is when somebody close to the family died.

Which is why when the phone rings at 10:45pm and I happen to pick up the same time my dad (woken from his sleep) opened his bedroom door, the look on his face asked, “Who died?” Since nobody did in this case, just consider yourself lucky that I don’t know where you live.

No love,

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