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This is the kind of thing you read about and cringe/laugh at and hope it never happens to you.

I made a pit stop before a meeting at the office this afternoon. After going through the motions (haha), I flushed and washed my hands. As I was fixing my hair, I caught a whiff of this awful smell… like someone didn’t flush. How uncivilised!

A quick check in the empty stalls told me that everyone did flush after their business, so I thought it was the water because I only noticed it after I ran my hands under the tap. Then, I looked at my hands.

There was a small brown spot smashed into the centre of my right palm.

There was a great deal of cursing under my breath as I cleaned that off and wondered how in hell did I pick up a spot of shit when that wasn’t my business in the bathroom at that time, and damn it all, I fussed with my hair before I noticed it. ARGH, IS THERE POO IN MY HAIR TOO?!

I was a few minutes late for my meeting because I felt the need to dash into the toilet on that floor and wash my hands AGAIN. I spend a great deal of that meeting wondering what on earth did I touch to get someone else’s shit on my hands and what did I touch after I got shit on my hands. And argh, my bag is made of CLOTH. If I got shit smeared on that, it’s gonna need to go for a long wash.

I deduced that the only way I could have gotten it on my hands is if someone else’s hands were not clean when they flushed. The flush handle was the only thing I touched with my right hand with enough force to smush it into my palm.

Ugh! Up till then, the only thing that was gross about the toilet at work is that someone splatters urine over the toilet seat. You’d think that people who worked in an office building would be a bit more civic-minded than the average public toilet user.

My hair and bag seemed to have escaped shit, but to be sure, it’s all getting a good wash tonight. Now excuse me. All this talking shit is making me want to go scrub my hands with disinfectant again.

I leave you with this sign I snapped in the toilet at Ikano in KL.




Author: Georgette Tan

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2 Comments on “Shit!

  1. Very unlucky -.-” goshh… If I’m you I will feel like washing my hand with whole crate of Dettol or more, don’t think it will ever be clean enough.

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