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Wimpy continental tongue

Aaron beat the papers to the Roseberry food review. Mine should be out in the Sunday edition as usual.

The cafe scheduled the review at a rather awkward time. Normally I’d bring colleagues, but 4pm is rush hour in the newsroom and people who are available during that time are far and few in-between.

I snagged Aaron (because he SMSed me the day before to let me know he’s back in Kuching and I figured a college student might be free in the afternoon) and Isaac (because I had a hunch he’s in town and he doesn’t work a 9-to-5 job). It’s nice to bring random friends when situation permits.

The hideously spicy mixed beef noodles went off in my mouth like a bomb. Aaron said it was spicy but “not too bad” shortly before the comedy with my “wimpy continental tongue” ensued. Isaac, who arrived later and missed all that, sucked it up without any reaction while Aaron and I watched expectantly.

Isaac: Hmmmm…
Me: I can’t believe he’s not reacting to any of that!
Aaron: [stares hard] He’s turning pink.

They have pretty good food there. Go read Aaron’s review here and check the papers in the morning for mine.

Photo of me at work. Photo by Aaron.

I’ll actually be on holiday with the rest of you guys on May 1st, in case anyone wants to do anything interesting. Otherwise, I’ll just stay in bed.

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