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I received a couple of complaints from people who are unable to comment on my entries. I have no idea what is wrong here; I checked my settings and everything seems to be in order. In fact, I just received a new comment between the reports of being unable to comment. If you’re having problem with commenting, please email me (tarlia[AT] the URL of your entry to the Lovers &

Alternatives to popular software

My computer Dante is old and slowing down. But due to financial constrains, upgrading or buying a new one isn’t an option now or anytime in the near future. If it was, I won’t be writing this post. I have a newish external HD where I back up all my data and leave unplugged until I need it. This is a precaution I decided to put in place some months

Contest: Win Robert Raymer’s “Lovers and Strangers – Revisited”!

Robert in his home office. Photo by Georgette Tan. Update: Please be sure you reply to this post or email me your entry at tarlia[AT]! Robert Raymer, featured in PostMag today, revealed during his interview that he writes 15 hours in a week and keeps track of his hours in a logbook. He logs in and gets down to business, and logs out whenever he steps away from his desk

Nothing wrong

There’s nothing wrong with what I do, With pleading eyes and plaintive meows. I don’t mind the pats and scratches, Heck, I don’t mind badly spelled captions. But it’s the gooshy food that I want, And don’t you ever forget it.


“Are you coming?” asked the Orange Cat, Tossing the question over a furry shoulder. We just had a nice chat about God-know-what, And he darted down a well-travelled rabbit path. He paused to see if I would follow, Find out where our conversation can go. But I left him there at the roots of a tree, Parted by a fence in our destinies. It won’t have worked out with the