TV rots your brain

Take it from someone who haven’t watched TV in so long, she forgot how to turn it on.

So in the last few weeks, I dropped into a dark place in my mind where spending too much time alone with my thoughts was decidedly an unhealthy thing. I plugged the hole with TV series and DVDs I’ve been saving for a rainy day.

Books? Nah. Reading is like getting up in the morning (although more interesting) and when the natural rhythm of life derails, so does everything associated with it. I’ve been meaning to reply Sharon’s post about what we’re currently reading, but Blogger won’t let me comment.

I just finished reading Kam Raslan’s “Confession of an Old Boy”, which I highly recommend. Earlier, I was trying to get into Nizam Zakaria’s “Susuk”, but the prose in the first couple of pages is so wooden that I gave up. I’ve already read the English version by Amir Hafizi, so that’ll have to do for the review.

But this was supposed to be about movies and TV.

Apart from the weekly movie review (Spider-Man 3, do I really need to talk about that), I haven’t been watching much from my small hoard of DVDs. I popped in”Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” this afternoon, which was strange and sad and whimsical and inclined to artsy.

I’m up-to-date with Veronica Mars (S3). The latest Heroes episode is sitting in my dad’s HD waiting to be watched with my brother.

I finished watching Supernatural Season 1. I hate how it ended, but things like that are designed to make sure you stick around for the next season. I don’t find it nearly as engaging as VMars or Heroes, but it passed the time and there’s a few episodes that I’d watch again. About halfway through that marathon, I remembered that Jared Padaleki was supposed to be Young MacGyver but it never got beyond the pilot.

Outside that, it’s been a lot of sleeping.

How do I know all that rotted my brain? I’m no closer to feeling better about much. I’ve only succeeded in distracting myself.

Speaking of distracting myself, I’m off for a bit of pillaging on the high seas before bed.

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  1. wonder why you couldn’t post a comment on my blog???

    glad you also like kam’s book

    who are you reviewing “susuk” for? i have amir’s version but won’t be able to read the malay version

  2. Sharon: I don’t know. It just loads to infinity after I click on submit. I tried twice and gave up.

    Marshall Cavendish sent me a pile of review copies along with Yvonne Lee’s “The Sky is Crazy”. Kam’s book and Susuk in English and Malay are some of them. They’re for my book review column in Borneo Post.

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