Dark City the TV Series

I mentioned in my previous entry that Astro Ria starts airing the Dark City TV series tonight (or last night, by the time I post this). It has nothing to do with Dark City the book, and a favourite argument in relevant threads now is that the name “Dark City” have already been used by a movie so Xeus isn’t allowed to run around crying foul. Go read up the

Notes from all around

I’m working on a more substantial post but it’s taking some time because I have to dig for URLs and info. In the meanwhile, here’s a couple of other things that’s distracting me. AMP It’s like myspace music, except less annoying! It’s off to a good start as Asia’s music resource, serving as a hub for musicians to meet other musicians, and for music lover to discover new music. After

Firefoxing the web

Firefox is a staple to my online experience. I don’t know how I managed without it before. It provides secure browsing and can be customised to your preferences. In this post, I’ll be talking about my personal preferences on Firefox. Themes let you give your Firefox a new look if you don’t like the default skin. Default works fine for me. The only thing I change about that is to