Books – June 2007

Boy, I really splurged this time. But nothing beats coming home to a box of books one day after you ordered it. I was expecting it next week. Thanks, Kinokuniya!


The Outlaw Varjak Paw, SF Said (illustrated by Dave McKean)
Blankets, Craig Thompson
Goodbye Chunky Rice, Craig Thompson
Amphigorey Again, Edward Gorey

You’d think I’d start in on the books I’ve not read yet, but the first one I pounced on is Blankets. I had this strong urge to reread that after reviewing Thompson’s Carnet De Voyage. In fact, if Kino had Carnet listed on their crappy website, I would have ordered that as well and own all of Thompson’s books.

I have the first book about Varjak Paw and have been waiting for the second one in paperback for about a year. Was planning to get Joyce or Andrea back for me, but I needed something that will qualify me for free shipping yet not hurt too much.

Edward Gorey rocks. Read more about him here. I picked up the first Amphigorey at Book Castle for a steal, and it had the awesome Gashlycrumb Tinies which you can read online here to get a taste of his work.

So yeah, off to read myself to sleep now.

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