Contest Winners!

The contest ended at the stroke of Monday! Thanks to all who plugged it and an especially big thanks to the two bloggers who took part.

Yeah, two bloggers. Two joins out of nearly 100 hits on that post (not bad for a blog read by four people and a handful of crickets). You know what this means? EASIEST CONTEST TO WIN.

If anyone is curious about how I picked the winners, well… I didn’t. I got two friends (who don’t know each other) to help.

Friend A assigned one participant an odd number and the other one an even number. He emails me this and I don’t open it until Friend B picks a number between 1 to 10 and sends this to me in an email. I then open up both emails to see whether it’s the odds or the evens that match.

Friend A knows what he is doing is related to this contest but has not read either posts. Friend B is probably just learning what he did along with the rest of ya. ;-) I was going to get Robert to pick a winner but just realised that he’s away on holiday. I don’t want to wait too long.

Anyway, the evens matched and the winner is Peter de Run from Peter’s Pen! He wins a signed copy of Robert Raymer’s “Lovers and Strangers – Revisited” and a Devil Bookie from andrealism. You can read his entry here.

Our other entry is Derek, who blogs at From Penang. I can’t allow him to walk away completely empty handed, so he also gets a Devil Bookie, courtesy of andrealism! Read his entry here.

Thank you for joining the EASIEST CONTEST TO WIN. Please contact me to arrange the delivery of the prizes.

I now return you to my regularly scheduled programming, which is really not that regular at all.

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