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I’m working on a more substantial post but it’s taking some time because I have to dig for URLs and info. In the meanwhile, here’s a couple of other things that’s distracting me.

It’s like myspace music, except less annoying! It’s off to a good start as Asia’s music resource, serving as a hub for musicians to meet other musicians, and for music lover to discover new music. After creating a profile, you can add songs to your playlist. Here’s my profile and some of the songs I’m listening to.

I’m so addicted to this game. It’s like SimCity with an environmental message and quite easy to grasp after a few trial-&-error games. Sez the website:

ElectroCity is a new online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities. It’s great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management in New Zealand.

Dark Cities collide
Remember that anthology my short story was accepted into? Astro is launching the Dark City TV series tomorrow, but hold your applause… this is not related to the original book. As usual, Sharon Bakar has the story, so I will just direct you over to her entry.

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