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Now re-entering Bako Village

In addition to a typically busy week, I was also sick when I got assigned to the Bako media familiarisation trip on Thursday. Fortunately, I got better instead of worse and had a pretty good time there.

I gushed to FH2O about how beautiful the weather and water was for kayaking yesterday morning, and reminded him that when I’m good enough, he’s taking me to Bako and Pulau Lakei in a kayak. Think of all those places a speedboat can’t squeeze into!

But anyway, on our way back to Bako Village, our boatman suddenly slowed the engine near the mouth of the river and steered us towards one of the pipes that are exposed above the water. We saw this:


I tell ya, I practically leaped from my seat on the very front of the boat onto the bow so that I could take photos! The guys in the boat were laughing at me.

The crocodile was not very big but I certainly won’t be so gung-ho in a kayak! Mr Crocodile seems to be enjoying his morning basking in the sun. Look at that grin!


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Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. What a beauty! No wonder you were gushing over this!

    Well done and thanks for sharing this with us.
    I love exploring the scenic coastline of Bako on a kayak; however I have a deep respect for the sometimes temperamental weather and the crocs at the river mouth!

    Would have been able to take this photo had you been in a kayak with me? Hmmm ;)

  2. heh. i must agree with annna.. but you must agree to never quote me on this: the croc so cute bahhhh~

    hahaha. anyway, this is to inform you that you have officially been tagged. heheh! :D

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