The Birthday Wishlist

I’m away on a work trip from 25 Aug – 1 Sept. This is a scheduled post. In my last post, I talked about how I don’t need any more stuff given to me because I don’t have any room for things that I don’t use. Since I have a birthday coming up (October), I know that some people will feel compelled to give me things anyway. I’m gonna be

Malaysian Indie Music 101

I’m away on a work trip from 25 Aug – 1 Sept. This is a scheduled post. When hanging out with the 5 bloggers during the DiGi Fu-yoh event and reading their posts after, I realised one thing: a lot of locals are still going “Who’s this? Who’s that? Never heard of them.” Alamak. Without further ado, here’s a list of local musicians that you really should check out. This

Stop giving me stuff!

Stalls along Coral Island beach, Pattaya. I’m on a long-term project of decluttering my life, more practically, on decluttering my bedroom. I have too much stuff. I don’t know where it all came from. Okay, maybe I do know and while I thought I needed it at the time, I don’t need most of it now. Hence, my current mission is to get rid of my stuff. Whatever I can’t

Apostrophe Gallery Short Short Story 2007

My holiday in Thailand couldn’t have ended on a better note when I blew into KL in time to be announced as one of the top 6 winners of the Apostrophe Gallery Short Short Story contest, organised by Digi and Klue magazine. The winners together with DiGi’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias (far left), writer Dina Zaman (2nd right) and composer/singer Mia Palencia (far

Wat Arun

Am in KL now and am too tired to care about a proper post. Here, have a couple of photo. A small part of Wat Arun, Bangkok. As a bonus, here’s a very fat dog we keep seeing near our hotel in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The first time I saw him, I thought he looked like a furry pig. There are a lot of dogs wandering around Bangkok and Pattaya, and