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Apostrophe Gallery Short Short Story 2007

My holiday in Thailand couldn’t have ended on a better note when I blew into KL in time to be announced as one of the top 6 winners of the Apostrophe Gallery Short Short Story contest, organised by Digi and Klue magazine.

The winners together with DiGi’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias (far left), writer Dina Zaman (2nd right) and composer/singer Mia Palencia (far right), who form part of the panel of judges. Not pictured are Jerome Kugan and Sharon Bakar.

I knew I was short-listed before leaving for my holiday, so I have no words for how much it rocks to actually win. The prize for the top 6 includes an all-expense paid trip to the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival next month, which I’m thrilled about, since it promises to be heaps better than the KL LitFest.

We also got a MotoKRZR K1 mobile phone each. Is anyone else missing the memory card and cable? Or is it not supposed to be in the package? My dad reckons Motorola pulled a fast one on the organisers.

With the plaque, which my dad immediately put on the wall in our living room.

Last but not least, the short-listed stories got interpreted into visual art. Mine was done up as a banner by Saiful Razman. You can see all 16 pieces at The Annexe in Central Market. These pieces will remain on public display till 19 August. Exhibition hours are from 11.00am to 7.00pm. If you can’t go or are not even in KL, you can see the top 6 on the Apostrophe Gallery website (under Gallery).

With Tunku and the artist, Saiful Razman.

This is turning out to be a good writing year for me. I got a story accepted into Dark City 2, went to the KL LitFest, and now getting picked as a winner and heading to my second writers festival this year!

I have to say again that it’s an incredible coincidence that I happened to be in KL. We nearly went home on the day of the event (which we didn’t know was going to happen at the time), but decided to take advantage of the fact that I didn’t have to get back to work until Friday. I think a lot of people were surprised over the fact that I’m actually not based in KL.


The other unexpected surprise that night was meeting Reza Salleh, who was running around behind-the-scenes quite unaware that I had a brief fangrrl moment when I spotted him.

Did I mention I had a great trip?

(All photos were taken by my bro, who stalked me like the paparazzi all night.)

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