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Stop giving me stuff!

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I’m on a long-term project of decluttering my life, more practically, on decluttering my bedroom. I have too much stuff. I don’t know where it all came from. Okay, maybe I do know and while I thought I needed it at the time, I don’t need most of it now.

Hence, my current mission is to get rid of my stuff. Whatever I can’t sell, I’ll give away or donate to appropriate parties. Of course I’d prefer to get a few bucks back because the item did cause me money. Extra cash is always good. Especially since the holiday put a noticeable dent in my credit card.

While I can restrain myself from buying the unnecessary, there is always the other source of stuff… well-meaning friends who don’t know what you really want and give you stuff to show that they are thinking about you. Nice. Appreciate the thought, but I’m look at stuff people gave me and most of them are going into the “Get Rid” pile. Especially the big ones that take up space.

I know that decluttering my space is going to take weeks because my efforts so far have consisted of me half-heartedly poking at the mess and getting nowhere, and of me sitting at the computer thinking about poking the mess. It doesn’t help that I’m going off on a road trip for work this Saturday, and will have plenty of time to think about how I’d rather be at home poking at the mess.

My first step in this mission is to ask people to stop giving me stuff. I feel this is timely because I have a birthday coming up and some friends will no doubt be planning to give me stuff. I’m thrilled to get stuff that I actually want or need, but the tradition in giving presents is the element of surprise. Sometimes it’s a lukewarm surprise.

A friend and I did away with this years ago and simply ask the other want she wants when a birthday rolls around. A much better idea. Some people think it’s rude to ask for things, but why waste money on something that isn’t going to be appreciated?

While I’m at it, don’t feed me either. I enjoy my food a bit too much and I know how to treat myself. And I certainly don’t need to get any fatter.

In a future post, I’ll be listing down a few birthday wishes. I originally wanted to include it in this post but that would be introducing too many new ideas at a time.

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