Thailand photoblog (Day 1 and 2)

I’d wait until I get home, but I think my parents would like to know that their kids are still alive and having a blast.

Flying to Bangkok from KL takes you back one time zone, causing one extra hour to occur on Day 1. We found that you spend that hour standing in line for Immigration checks. Here’s the very first photo shot on Thai ground – my bro Galvin, my good self, and a sneaky Garuda in the background.


You know those photos that went around of a tiger nursing a littler of piglets? I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d actually see the real deal. It’s like finding out that Coke and Mentos really does make you explode!


In any case, we’re having all sorts of fun.

Here’s a pony hoping that Galvin has food.

Meanwhile, I get this sneaky feeling that something’s behind me again.

And Ducky wants everyone to know that he is ok too!

Here, have some videos. They’re on Multiply. I wanted to put them on YouTube, but what d’ya know, YouTube’s blocked in Thailand.

A more comprehensive report will come when I get back next week!

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