Violence in paradise

We went to Coral Island, about 45 minutes from Pattaya by speedboat. Before that, my brother went parasailing. Here are videos:

I didn’t go because my beh kia si* phase was two weeks ago when I went to Bako and did things like stand at the edge of a long drop into a pile of rocks by the sea. I looked at people being plucked off the pontoon by the wind and felt slightly nauseated. So I took photos instead.

Coral Island is so commercialised that it failed to charm me at most parts. Everyone’s selling the same items and services, but I was weak so now I have a headful of braids to show for my trip.


While wondering along the tourist trap endless row of shops, we were approached by a man with the most interesting offer we heard so far – do we fancy going to the shooting range?

Screw banana boating and jet skis. I wanna shoot something. We took a nice motorcycle ride up to the shooting range. Galvin went for the M16 while I picked the lightest Smith & Wesson because the revolver, as Wild West chic as it looks, was one heavy muthafucka.

After a few shots, we swap guns. I can’t handle the M16, but I scores 3 out of 5 on the handgun. My target is a dead piece of cardboard!


The motorcycle guys took us to see the temple, where we were allowed to wander around and photograph. Here’s another bad video to save me some explaination.

The thing that sticks with me now is “I went to Coral Island and all I did was fire a couple of guns! WIN!”

I leave you with one of the many awesome restaurant names we’ve seen in the Land of Smiles.


* do not fear death.

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