There and back again

Lydia Teh’s “Honk! If you’re Malaysian” broke the 10k mark while I was away. She’s holding a contest to celebrate. Are you feeling lucky? I am. Go here. So I’m back from a 5-day trip to Bali, supposedly for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, but mostly it was sightseeing. I would have preferred more Festival and less sightseeing, since that’s what the contest prize is, but I can’t really

100 Thing Challenge

A couple of months ago, Dave Bruno kicked off a personal challenge of reducing his personal belongings to 100 items. The project is called 100 Thing Challenge and it raises a lot of interesting questions like “what counts as personal stuff?”, “what about collections of stuff?” or more relevant to people like me, “are books counted individually or as one item?” I know I own more than 100 books (probably

The Birthday Wishlist – First Dibs

Brandie, an old friend and frequent collaborator back in the “good old days”, is the first to respond to my Birthday Wishlist post with an offer I found quite hard to turn down. :-) But I did because she always seems to send me things and I rarely return the favour. So. Knowing that she is probably crazier about cats than I am, I suggested that she looks into donating

The CatsCity Clique @ Starbucks

I checked in to the office, finished a review of “The Brave One”, told my editor I’ll be stalking Josh Lim for an interview today and went off to Starbucks. I was early, and so were Irene and Jimmy. Josh called Jimmy while they were setting up. I went off and found him trying to find Starbucks. So with our visiting host found and with bloggers coming in, the programme