Erik the frog expert

Previously, I’ve blogged about some of the used books I pick up at Book Castle. I find that the charm and intrigue of used books lies in the scribbles left by its previous owner. I didn’t specifically look for one before buying this book. I only picked it up because I love frogs and Eyewitness makes some awesome picture books.

Amazing Frogs & Toads - Cover

When I finally looked at the book properly, I found this message written inside the cover:

Amazing Frogs & Toads - Dedication

“4 December 1991

Dear Erik,

Happy 4th Birthday

Hope you enjoy this book. Maybe next time you catch a frog you can tell us what kind it is.

Love, Mom & Dad”

Are you not utterly charmed? I am.

Assuming Erik’s birthday is on the 4th Dec, he would be 19 going 20 this year. I wonder if he caught many frogs.

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