The Birthday Wishlist – First Dibs

Brandie, an old friend and frequent collaborator back in the “good old days”, is the first to respond to my Birthday Wishlist post with an offer I found quite hard to turn down. :-)

But I did because she always seems to send me things and I rarely return the favour. So. Knowing that she is probably crazier about cats than I am, I suggested that she looks into donating to a local cat shelter.

Brandie looked around and wrote to me saying that she will be putting together a donation basket for the Citizens for Animal Protection organisation, who included a handy wishlist of their own on their website.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited waiting to see photos and read about she and her husband David will see and do there.

So what are you doing for my birthday?

Black cat staring, Betong, Sept 2007.

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