The CatsCity Clique @ Starbucks

I checked in to the office, finished a review of “The Brave One”, told my editor I’ll be stalking Josh Lim for an interview today and went off to Starbucks. I was early, and so were Irene and Jimmy. Josh called Jimmy while they were setting up. I went off and found him trying to find Starbucks.

So with our visiting host found and with bloggers coming in, the programme kicked off, drinks were claimed, prizes won, new friends were made and old friends reacquainted with.

Because I’m close to faceplanting on my keyboard, there are some photos below to do the rest of the talking. But first, here’s a good photo me (with Gladys on the left).


I’ve been to some of your blogs and I can’t put a face to most of the the (nick)names. But if you forget the face, you’d probably remember the cleavage. I’m just making sure you don’t have the same problem.










I still don’t really get the “Gather Bloggering” part. But I’m a writer. Maybe I don’t want to.

Author: Georgette Tan

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13 Comments on “The CatsCity Clique @ Starbucks

  1. Whose cleavage? :P

    Yeah, i noticed the “A gather bloggering” hahahha … should be “A bloggers gathering” …. guess i’m a writer too.

    Penalty card will be issued to Irene and Jimmy. Have a good sunday Gette !

  2. Deejah: Aw, shucks. I actually forgot to bring Ducky when I rushed out the door that morning. But surely I’m too big to miss!

    @lex: Hello Alex! Update soon? :-)

    Irene: I meant to ask him about that but forgot. Heh.

    gLaDieZz (with many Z’s): I have another photo of you. Will send later.

    PlatinumGirl: You have a good day too. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. “Looking forward to meeting all you Kuching-ites at the CatsCity Clique Gather Bloggering (because a ‘gather bloggering’ is more fun than a ‘blogger gathering’)! ”

    In fact hehehe… it’s in the blog post of Advertlets, he explained it already! It’s a newly invented word!

  4. Oh dear….
    how I wish I was there. Camwhoring with Kuching bloggers is always fun !!
    Gather bloggering. Dammit georgette, now u got my head thinking non stop.

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