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There and back again

Lydia Teh’s “Honk! If you’re Malaysian” broke the 10k mark while I was away. She’s holding a contest to celebrate. Are you feeling lucky? I am. Go here.

So I’m back from a 5-day trip to Bali, supposedly for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, but mostly it was sightseeing. I would have preferred more Festival and less sightseeing, since that’s what the contest prize is, but I can’t really complain about how awesome Bali is.

The only problem is that by the time the Festival starts, I was all people’d out. Sitting in a session is also, as one of my fellow winners predicted, a little anti-climatic. We’ve watched giant waves crash into the temple cliffs at of Tanah Lot, had lunch with a view of an active volcano (Mount Batur), ate dinner by the sea where like little kids, we couldn’t resist the lure of the water and ended up getting wet to our butts from a surprise huge wave!

Sitting in a session? I couldn’t concentrate until the third session, and by then, my taste of the Festival is half over.

I did get to meet Kam Raslan, who signed my copy of his book. Thanks to Chet, he was peripherally expecting me to appear at some point. Knowing that enabled me to walk right up to him and say hi… instead of hiding behind a pillar somewhere.


I was feeling a little cheeky when I spotted Tan Twan Eng crossing the room all by his lonesome. I figured that if I wanted to accost another festival writer that I’ve actually heard of, now’s the time. (Twan got to meet Ducky. Ducky pics to come later.)

Twan with Sharon Bakar in-between sessions.

When in doubt, I stick with being blatant. I told Twan that his book is on my to-buy list and that I was holding back for the paperback. Apparently the paperback is out. I’ve been so busy I haven’t started looking. Or perhaps I was just assuming I’ll be able to get it at the festival. Unfortunately, the festival book shop won’t get copies until after I leave. Which sucks because if I wanted to get Twan to sign it, I’ll have to chase him down in Singapore or accidentally purposely bump into him in KL.

This entry is rambling along for longer than I intended. I have a few things about the trip that I want to blog about in more detail after I sort out the photos. So I’ll just end with my last hour in Ubud.

Hanging out on the front steps of Indus:(clockwise from left) me, Reza,
Dan and Leroy. (We don’t know where Liyana was.)

Reza, who babysat our group for 5 days, snuck his name into the poetry slam in mid-session and end up winning second place… which we’re all terribly proud of and which he well deserved. I have a video of his performance somewhere.

I’m so going back to Bali someday.

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9 Comments on “There and back again

  1. Tan Twan Eng will be appearing at the November MPH LitBloggers’ Breakfast Club in KL, if you want an excuse to come to KL again.

    Check out Eric Forbes’ blog for more info.

  2. Ah yes, but I’m not going anywhere else this year. I’m out of leave days. :( And energy. After spending about 10 hours travelling between Ubud and Kuching, the thought of spending more time in a plane and bus makes me want to hide under the covers.

  3. Wooo .. someone went to Bali and back. I have not been to Bali yet cos hubby said “You dare to go ???!”

    Anyway, i finally wrote something about the Blogging Gather event in my blog :) There is this picture of me and someone with a very nice smile and cleavage in it :P

  4. PlatinumGirl: Bali is absolutely beautiful and perfectly safe… unless your hubby is implying that you spend a lot. Then it’s a bit dangerous. Especially with all the pretty stuff.

    bibliobibuli: You stayed on! I’m jealous! Check Facebook for the photos.

  5. Hey gette,
    i am so looking forward for ur bali pics…. I must go there one day.. when I have earned enough $$$$$$ heard so many nice comments about it.
    I jeles lar… u went there already…

  6. *sobs* i wanna go traveling and meet peeps too! young and broke is my case. i wanna get a life a.s.a.p the minute i get my degree. o yea. hi georgette =P i think peeps call u aH Jet. yeaa sth like that.

  7. Hi, Georgette. Thanks for posting about the contest. I wish I could go to Bali too but you beat me to it in the apostrophe contest. Who knows maybe your lucky streak will continue. (I tried posting earlier but couldn’t – is it because I didn’t spell purple?)

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