The State of October

From the Decluttering Diary I have gotten over my love for widgets and stripped this blog down to the bare essentials. It’s only natural that it should be part of my decluttering project. It needed a new look, but I wasn’t really inspired to do anything with it until I read this article – 50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog. Some of the tips are quite extreme minimalist, but a

Apostrophe Gallery – Postcards

Readers of this blog will no doubt be aware that I (along with 5 other people) recently won the Apostrophe Gallery Short Short Story contest, and went to Bali to catch the sights and attend the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. What an adventure for the price of 16 words! I got to see a beautiful island, make some new friends and listen in on authors talking about what it

The girl who wanted an adventure

I found this going through my 43 Things list under the to-do of “have an adventure”, posted Dec 17, 2005: Have an adventure Not the everyday adventure or a ‘join a reality tv show that will push your limits’ kind of adventure. I want to have the kind of adventure that doesn’t happen in real life, where you overhear a secret plot to take over the world and have to

Office Spaces

After coming back from a recent trip, I decided that my office space is due for an overhaul. I gave away the Happy Meal toys and moved over most of my magazines from home. I figured they’ll be more appreciated at work when I need some inspiration. I took some photos before I left for Bali. You can click the one below for close-ups. I know I have an awesome

Timez Coffee & Crepes

Among my personal “Why isn’t this in Kuching yet?” questions is a little Miri-born cafe called Timez Coffee & Crepes. Their speciality is the paper-thin crepes which is filled with all sorts of delicious goodies like fruit and ice cream and folded into the shape of an over-sized ice cream cone. I can understand Miri having certain edges over Kuching, but when I found Timez in Limbang, I was almost