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Office Spaces

After coming back from a recent trip, I decided that my office space is due for an overhaul. I gave away the Happy Meal toys and moved over most of my magazines from home. I figured they’ll be more appreciated at work when I need some inspiration.

I took some photos before I left for Bali. You can click the one below for close-ups.


I know I have an awesome wall. I had to put all those pretty posters, postcards and invitations somewhere. They seem wasted in a drawer.

Being a Malaysian meant that my main changes are limited to what other people can see when they walk by. My drawers were still full of crap that I wasn’t ready to deal with.

I haven’t been back at work for long when I got the surprise news that we were moving to the other side of the floor. Well, surprise for me because it was my day off when the news was announced and nobody mentioned this to me until an hour before we were due to start hauling things.

The advantage of a new place is that we have twice more space. The desk is bigger, there’s a side table and a chest of drawers.

I took the opportunity to sort out the crap in my drawers, since I had to take them out anyway. Papers that can be reused went into one pile. Papers that can’t be reused are marked for recycling. I don’t have photos but my drawers are all sorted now.

The disadvantage of the new location is that we’re next to the door, so there’s people going in and out all the time!

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