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The State of October

From the Decluttering Diary
I have gotten over my love for widgets and stripped this blog down to the bare essentials. It’s only natural that it should be part of my decluttering project. It needed a new look, but I wasn’t really inspired to do anything with it until I read this article – 50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog.

Some of the tips are quite extreme minimalist, but a lot of them made sense. I have to say that if I wasn’t willing to let go of widgets that show my visitors what I’m currently reading/listening to, I won’t have gotten rid of much! But it led to a blog makeover. I updated and added some pages, and I’m quite pleased at how it looks now.

nano_participant_icon_small.gif I’m committed. I have the bare bones of my story laid out. My characters are talking to me, which is an important point. I can’t write if they don’t tell me what they are up to!

Yes, I do refer to my characters like they’re real people.

My Nanowrimo profile is here. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting the story-in-progress in public. It was a lot of fun back in 2002, but I didn’t have any delusions of publishing that story anywhere else. If you’re interested in following what’s likely to be a very bad first draft, leave a comment with your email or email me. I’ll let you know where to access to story if I put it up.

If you choose to accept, I expect cheers of encouragement all through November. I also accept donations of fuel (chocolates and other forms of empty calories).

Happy Halloween!

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