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Timez Coffee & Crepes

Among my personal “Why isn’t this in Kuching yet?” questions is a little Miri-born cafe called Timez Coffee & Crepes. Their speciality is the paper-thin crepes which is filled with all sorts of delicious goodies like fruit and ice cream and folded into the shape of an over-sized ice cream cone.

I can understand Miri having certain edges over Kuching, but when I found Timez in Limbang, I was almost hopping mad. Then I ordered the most sinful thing they had on the menu. If I’m only going to have this when I visit another part of Sarawak, I might as well make it worth my while.

Timez in Limbang.

Making crepe on a hot plate.

Adding delicious filling.

Wrapping everything up.

Yummeh crepe thing with ice cream on top.

Author: Georgette Tan

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4 Comments on “Timez Coffee & Crepes

  1. Dear Georgette Tan,

    This is Mr.Patrick Voon (C.E.O of TIMEZ COFFEE & CREPES), and I am currently writing to you in Nagoya, Japan now. We (THE TIMEZ MANAGEMENT) found this site created by you only today.You definitely deserves a 2 thumbs up for professionally creating this site and the possitive comments on our products.In order to show our appreciation from our management, we are willing to offer you a free crepe or drink of your choice by writing to informing us on when your next visit to any of our either TIMEZ Kiulap Brunei or TIMEZ Limbang outlets.

    Also, to answer your question on why there are no TIMEZ outlets in Kuching yet, well thats because we havent found a suitable franchisee yet.Until then, hope to hear from you soon.Thanks.

    Patrick Voon

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