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A few of my readers mentioned having issues with leaving comments. I think I may have located the problem, but I’m just gonna ask you to try leave me a comment on this post, especially if you’ve tried before and have gotten some weird “this post is closed” error. If you’ve never commented here before, your comment will be held for moderation. And in the event you were not able

The State of November

Ducky is on Facebook. You should be his fan. Because you are. Another month is almost gone and perhaps it’s a bit too early for a”state of the month” post, but given the number of times I posted this month, maybe not. My current problem is an attack of the blahs – that state where you get overwhelmed by everything and don’t want to do anything, short of surviving the

Dark City 2

The regulars of this blog would know that I’ve had a story accepted into the Malaysian anthology of dark and twisted tales, Dark City 2. It is the sequel to the very successful and twisted Dark City, written entirely by Xeus and reviewed by me earlier this year. The second book is made up of contributors, but Xeus herself put in two hideously diabolical stories, which are absolute treats. Before