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Dark City 2

The regulars of this blog would know that I’ve had a story accepted into the Malaysian anthology of dark and twisted tales, Dark City 2. It is the sequel to the very successful and twisted Dark City, written entirely by Xeus and reviewed by me earlier this year. The second book is made up of contributors, but Xeus herself put in two hideously diabolical stories, which are absolute treats.

Before I prattle on, please note my look of abject glee in the photo below.


That’s the look of someone who had a fabulous Monday. My story in an actual book, yo.


Rumour has it that the book is already available in MPH 1 Utama. No word on when it’ll arrive in Kuching, but look out for it. I’m only halfway through but it’s a collection of wicked wicked stories and I spent my lunch hour being very entertained.

This is not a review. My actual review will be out in my usual column in a few weeks, but to be fair, I won’t be talking about my own story. But there’s plenty to talk about with the others!


*look of abject glee*

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