Testing 1 2 3

A few of my readers mentioned having issues with leaving comments. I think I may have located the problem, but I’m just gonna ask you to try leave me a comment on this post, especially if you’ve tried before and have gotten some weird “this post is closed” error.

If you’ve never commented here before, your comment will be held for moderation.

And in the event you were not able to comment, please email me at tarlia[AT] and let me know what error you encountered.


Author: Georgette Tan

writer . poet . introvert . NSFW hand letterer . equatorial eclectic

6 Comments on “Testing 1 2 3

  1. comment?

    cannot meh?

    testis.. testis… 1…2…3…


    thanx for dropping by … but i don write in english anymore … cos i wanna practice my chinese.. hehehe

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