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The State of November


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Another month is almost gone and perhaps it’s a bit too early for a”state of the month” post, but given the number of times I posted this month, maybe not.

My current problem is an attack of the blahs – that state where you get overwhelmed by everything and don’t want to do anything, short of surviving the day. My life this month had been a series of these, strung together by distractions like a good friend’s wedding, a work trip to KL and a couple of other personal distractions that I won’t discuss here.

Nanowrimo is at a halt at some 7000+ words, and given the amount of work I need to clear this week, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere with it. At least I got a backburner story started?

As for the personal clutter? The wardrobe clutter is under control. I’ve been good about hanging stuff up and making sure I have enough hangers so there’s no excuse not to hang things up. I haven’t gotten around getting rid of the knick-knacks that I don’t want anymore; they’re lying around in a box in my room. Meanwhile, another box is getting piled higher and higher with stuff. I don’t know where it’s all coming from, but it’s gotta go as soon as I get my shit together.

I started and finished rereading Mark Haddon’s “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” today because I needed a pick-me-up and this book is both genius and hilarious. Which means I’m back to the book that I originally started – “Warlock” by Wilbur Smith. It’s the third in Smith’s series on Egypt. The first book is “River God” which I own and periodically reread. One more book (“The Quest”) and my collection will be complete.

On that note, I spent more money than I should… but Desiderius Erasmus (whoever that is) once said:

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.”

The above photo is of Rambo Chai of Slap!, a band that I’ve heard of but never actually heard till last night’s event – Kuching Entertainers’ Night – at Happy Valley Cafe. A lot of good stuff. I particularly enjoy the variety; we had rock bands, hip hop, breakdancing, bellydancing and classical music. Most of them are from the more Chinese-influenced set, which means those of us from the English paper are seeing a lot of stuff for the first time.

What I didn’t enjoy were the various show of egos and the typical “I play awesome rock music, you provide token singing” syndrome. I really don’t see the point in getting your voice teacher to sing if you’re only going to bury her in fancy drumming and guitar riffs. One of the bands in the earliest set did right by being purely instrumental, but they overstayed their welcome by far and ignored all of the organiser’s subtle and obvious hints to wrap up. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Our entertainment for the coming Saturday is the Unplugged Showcase @ MOJO, organised by Sidewalk Syndicate. See you there.

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