Vick Teo – After Idol

My job often puts me in the proximity of celebrities in all shapes and forms. According to the laws of irony, anyone who is crazy about celebs will probably never get to meet one. The reverse is also true. I’ve been so uncrazy about famous people (since passing my teenage years) that very few of them can get me excited. When I got a two-hour notice to interview Vick Teo,

Kuching Bloggers’ Meet Group Photo

If you can find me in the photo, I am indeed holding a sign that says: “I love but I hate Kenny Sia”. Totally true. I actually said that to him before I saw the sign. It went a little like this: Kenny: I went to the Singapore Writers Festival and I didn’t know anyone*! Gette: I hate you**. * he was on a panel somewhere but didn’t know