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Bloglines, rejiggered

My feed reader of choice is Bloglines, where I keep track of all manner of blogs I’m interested in. Google Reader, which I agree is pretty, only came out long after I’ve settled comfortably into Bloglines. I moved a handful of feeds over to test it out, and quickly forgot about it. At the time, I had about 250 feeds accumulated over the year and didn’t even want to begin to think about transferring them elsewhere.

It works out pretty well for me. There’s so many things to look at on the Internet, and I have the attention span of a fruit fly and the memory of a goldfish. Bookmarks get ignored and I never liked cluttering up my blog with links, but Bloglines get read. So if you’re one of those people who don’t give your readers the option of an RSS feed, I’m not reading you because I forget you’re there right after I surf off.

My biggest problem with Bloglines is that I have way too many feeds. Over the weekend, I’ve been actively weeding out feeds that I’m no longer interested in or I’ve been regularly skipping. Out goes the folder of tattoo and body modification blogs, which I followed religiously until the abrupt stop at some point that I can’t remember any more. My current religion is GTD, productivity and green blogs.

203 feeds is still a lot and take up a lot of room even though I organised them into folders. (The folder system is another thing I need to address in the future.)

This is what my Bloglines look like:


Bloglines also upgraded recently but I tend to ignore things like this unless it directly affects my usage. I decided it was time to start poking around to see what new options they added, and found something pretty handy – the option of only showing feeds that have updated. So my left panel went from what you see above… to this:


Suddenly there’s so much room! Which is great because when there’s less clutter, there’s less scrolling around and less subconscious “OMG! So much to read!” stress.

200 feeds is still way too many, but I’m working on that one.

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