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The Kuching Bloggers’ Meet @ Tao was a bigger deal than I expected, and apparently, a bigger deal than the organisers originally planned! Individuals working with the English press were there, but as bloggers and we kept a very low profile. We’ve already interviewed Alex earlier this year, there’s no reason to hog him. *g*

I had fun chatting with various fellow bloggers I met before and a few I’ve not met before, but I wish there was more mingling time. A few people I wanted to talk to left in the middle of games/STM’s acoustic session. I wasn’t interested in the games, but most other people were playing.

About 40 bloggers showed up and this is by no means the total of bloggers in Kuching. Quite a difference from year 2000 when there were less than a dozen of us and everyone else thought we were crazy.

Anyway, it’s awesome that Tao sponsored this event. (I’m a big fan of their Grilled Chicken Pita, Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Mousse.) Also, thanks to Ehon, Alwyn and their team for running a good show.

Anyone who wanted STM’s [hey.] album but didn’t win one that day can check back later this week for an opportunity to win a signed copy of [hey.] (got Alex to sign it that day), as well as the debut album of another pretty phenomenal local singer – Karen.

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