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Latest Update: Hey, we’re all fixed! Carry on, folks. WTF.It’s broken again. Ok, ad is off until it stablised.

A few hours ago, a friend on Facebook reported that she was being redirected to another site when she tried accessing this blog. I mentioned this problem briefly here. I endorse no such tactics, so I set out to track down the problem.

I recently added a new ad thingy from GrabMyAds, so I automatically assumed that it was the cause of the problem and took the code off. It still did the redirecting thing, so I took the entire ad section down. It stopped. I really hated the idea that was the problem so I decided not to make any such declaration till I can be sure.

Obviously I was too busy with another post tonight to think about this.

Then my brother IMed to ask if I discovered the problem. Turned out his blog was doing the same thing – redirecting to another site that sells domain names. What he did notice is that it was related to Going to the site gets you this:

Click for full size

Going to a few blogs that I knew carried the gave the same results. The only way to stop it is to take down the code for now.

Update: According to Irene, Josh has renewed it, but it’s taking some time to kick in on our side. Sit tight everyone, and don’t bug Josh. He knows!

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