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I’ve gotten reports that my blog’s been redirecting to some ad site. I’m not sure which ad widget’s causing it, but I’ve taken the ads out of the sidebar until I have time to resolve it. If you have a good adblock installed, you probably were not affected. And now, to the point of this post.

My dad and I laughed ourselves silly after we deciphered what they were really trying to say in this support email from TM Online Services. True story.

Thank you for using TM Online services.

We has been escalated your enquiries to the respective department for further action and we will feed you back in a soonest time.

For any further assistant, please do not hesitate to call 100 (Product & Service) or email at

Thank you and regards,
TM Online Admin

Don’t contact them folks, or they’ll escalate your enquiries to an assistant who is even further away than than the original one.

Of course, the language in the email reminded me of something, so I went to the site found a photo of the guy who is the likely author of this email:

funny pictures

moar funny pictures

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  1. Ahh..Internet memes. I just love them so much. Is it a coincidence, or did you post the picture up cause it’s Caturday? :D

    Anyway, the people at TMNet really should do something about that. I mean, it’s giving off the impression that the workers can’t be bothered to learn proper English. Right?

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