Mister International 2007 – Evening Wear

I normally don’t give much thought to men’s evening wear, because women’s tend to be more varied by far. But at Mister International 2007 where there was no women on stage to steal their thunder, I had a chance to notice what they were wearing and what the overall effect was.

The Old World Charm
Alberto Garcia of Venezuela was a shining vision in white, complete with a cravat held close with a jewelled pin. I like the old world touch, even if the blinding white frightens the domestic side of me.

The Bodyguard
Oh Jong Sung of Korea opted for the open neck and open jacket look. Given that this guy occasionally works as a bodyguard, he’ll need clothes he can kick ass in and still look good. There’s nothing fastened around his neck that can be grabbed in a scuffle, but I can’t imagine him with a tie of any sort. Jong Sung looks good in clothes as well as out of them, but that’s a story for another post.

The Prince
Armands Berzins of Latvia carries himself like a prince, so this classic look with a bow tie works perfectly. You can almost imagine him mingling with royalty in one of those charity balls.

The Secret Agent
Gabriel Goh from Singapore went for the James Bond look with shiny lapels and a bigger bow tie. I almost expected him to pull out a gun and do a 007 pose.

The Ambassador
Nikhil Dhawan of India adds a dash of culture to his outfit.

The Noose Brothers

Aristotelis Spyridon Bolovinos of Greece

Berni Madrigal Alguera of Costa Rica

Bassel Abu Hamdan of Lebanon

Alan Martini of Brazil


I am missing a photo of Jake Hill from USA. It came out blurred because he was already moving when I shot. Oh well, nearly got them all. I found one of him from later that evening after the results were announced! Ta-dah!

Jake Hill of USA

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