Mister International 2007 – Swimwear

A warm Sarawakian hello to those of you who popped over from Critical Beauty, and thanks to USA’s National Director Rafa Delfin for linking. I’ve had more hits today than I did in the whole of last month! O.o;

Well, aren’t you in luck today? I decided to stick to working backwards, so next on the list is Swimwear. If you’re partial to drooling, please take precaution and protect your keyboard or whoever’s shoulder you’re peeking over.


If you hope to model, your body is your asset. Swimwear is where we see the most skin on stage, which must be quite a daunting task unless you look like… well, some of these guys.

One interesting observation: Some of the men are completely relaxed and comfortable strolling down the catwalk with nothing but a triangle of spandex between them and the world. Some are not, but hide it behind a smile. Some looked much better in a 3-piece suit, and some I won’t mind seeing with a little less.

I tried including some witty commentary but I fail because I am only a woman… with too many of these kinda photos in my HD. Enjoy.


Alberto Garcia of Venezuela

Oh Jong Sung of Korea

Armands Berzins of Latvia

Aristotelis Spyridon Bolovinos of Greece

Jake Hill of USA

Berni Madrigal Alguera of Costa Rica

Bassel Abu Hamdan of Lebanon

Gabriel Goh from Singapore

Nikhil Dhawan of India

Alan Martini of Brazil



Sometimes it isn’t necessary to face the world in your trunks to be sexy. Sometimes a long skirt with a slit up the side is sexier than a mini. Sometimes I had a better zoom feature on my camera, or at least, was on that side of the stage before they whipped of the sarong, because I didn’t get to shoot things like this:

Move over, Tarzan.

Now someone please pass the oxygen.

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