Mister International 2007

I know some of you are dying to know who won the Mister International 2007 pageant, so if you’re reading this before the papers tomorrow, I’ll cut to the chase.

Alan Bianco Martini Malgioglio, the new Mister International from Brazil

Presenting Alan Bianco Martini Malgioglio of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the very first contestant I interviewed when my boss sent me to Telang Usang to get the scoop on the 21st December. Alan dreams of nothing but being a model and worked very hard to get there, so I’m very pleased for him. :-D

He is a very sweet and gallant man who tries very hard to connect with you even if he doesn’t speak your language. Ok, he’s damn hot too, with a profile that could cut glass and a smile that’ll melt kneecaps. I hope the Mister Singapore Organization will keep us up to date with his adventures as their new titleholder.

Long story and way too many photos under the cut.

The top ten out of the 17 16 contestants were made up of Brazil, Costa Rica, Korea, Lebanon, Venezuela, USA, Costa Rica, Singapore, Greece and Latvia. Taiwan dropped out at the 11th hour. I forgot to ask the organisers why.

The ten were whittled down to Korea, Lebanon, Brazil, Venezuela and Greece.

The top five.

Wissam Hanna, last year’s titleholder, takes a last stroll as Mister International.

Wissam of Lebanon had his life completely changed by his win last year.

In the ensuing excitement, I forgot to take photos. One by one, the following were called off that side of the stage:

  • Fourth Runner-up: Mister Lebanon Bassel Abou Hamdan
  • Third Runner-up: Mister Venezuela Alberto Garcia
  • Second Runner-up: Mister Greece Aristotellis Spyridon Bolovinos

The two who were left, Mister Korea Oh Jong Sung and Mister Brazil Alan Martini looked at each other and hugged for a long time.

Serious awww factor going here.


Some praying probably occurred here.

Mr Korea got called as First Runner-up. Alan reacted while Wissam claimed dibs on congratulating his successor.

Wissam about to place the sash on Alan, who is trying hard to hold himself together.

So not holding himself together.

Mr Korea was the next one to tackle him, followed by the other contestants in a good few minutes of manly group hugs.

The top five with their trophies.

Apart from being an awesome photo, I also want you to notice that unbeknownst to our new Mister International, someone was about to drop the flag of Brazil on him.

Which destroyed his composure completely.

Jong Sung, Alan and Wissam. Back-up, Present and Past.

Most awesome New Year’s Eve party ever. (Ok, maybe it was my only NYE party ever, but it was worth it.) If I’m feeling diligent, I’ll post the rest of the pageant photos. Editing is such a pain in the ass. Meanwhile, Ducky has photos here.

Huge thanks to Alaric Soh from Alaric’s Production Company for making sure I get an “I’m not working!” ticket to the event, and to Alan Sim of Mister Singapore Organization for founding a pageant the straight girls can enjoy for once.

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  1. Post

    gid: There should be a button in the Visual Editor to “split post”.

    anna: Ducky got very lucky that night. Ok, that sounds wrong…

    Andrea: The thought that he might have wiped his nose on it… wrong, but hilarious. :D

  2. angela

    great pics! thanks for sharing! i think the reason taiwan withdrew on the 11th hour is because the national director was pissed that her candidate was not in top 10!

  3. Post

    Frankie: I wasn’t paying much attention to it until I got sent to write a story! Who would have thought I’d have such a good time? :D

    angela: That’s kinda sad if that’s the case. But I thought the judging was done right there and we didn’t know who were in the top 10 until they showed national costume and fashion. Taiwan just wasn’t there at all. I thought he got sick or into an accident or something. Oh! Were you there?

  4. angela

    Tarlia: Yes, I was there. Taiwan was in the audience, but his national director (a very controlling and bitchy woman) ordered him not to join at the 11th hour. How do I know? Because I overheard her talking to him. In fact, Taiwan came up on stage to congratulate the winner.

  5. Post

    angela: Oh. Wow. That sucks in incredible levels. Poor Mr Taiwan! I saw him towards the end of the night but I didn’t know he was in the audience. Interesting piece of info!

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  8. angela

    Not exactly sure why Taiwan was ordered not to join. There was probably a falling out between the Taiwan director and the pageant organisers.

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  12. Debs in England

    YUMMMMMM! Amr Samaha should have won…have him washed and send him to my room! Like Tarlia, he changed my opinion about “hairy”!!!

    @ Tarlia – LOVED your writing, your sense of humour is very similar to my own and you gave me several good laughs while reading this article! Especially about the white suit (I wouldn’t want to have to clean that damn thing either haha)
    Thank you :)

    1. Post

      Hi Debs! Thanks for dropping by. :-)

      This is such an old post but traffic’s been spiking like crazy the last few days! And ah, no wonder… this year’s pageant is 10 days from now.

  13. Ben

    Hello Tarlia. This is awesome coverage of the Mister International 2007. I would like to ask permission to link this page to one of my own pages about Mister International. Thank you in advance.

    1. Post

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