Signs of insanity

Last week, I reviewed Melba Goodwyn’s “Ghost Worlds“. Part of my review said,

A few paragraphs were of particular interest to me because they were about books. The reason you get drawn to a particular book is because of your relationship with the “knowledge and wisdom” contained within. Books often reveal mysterious hidden messages for you alone, which will reveal itself in good time.

Almost everything Goodwyn described about acquiring books fitted me to a spooky T. Yes, I often find a book I wasn’t looking for. Yes, I tend to leave new purchases on my shelf for months or years because picking it up and finding that it’s the best book I’ve read in weeks. And yes, “Ghost Worlds” practically leaped out of the shelf (in a section that I don’t normally browse it) and refused to let me leave without it.

jensen-nervous_system.jpgSince I’m ahead in my reading/reviewing schedule, I didn’t pick up a book in over a week. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to read next. When I finally did choose something, it’s a book that’s been sitting untouched on my shelf for three or four years – Jan Lars Jensen’s memoirs, “Nervous System“.

It’s about a writer who went batty and was institutionalised for trying to kill himself after his first novel was accepted for publication. Well… nervous breakdowns and attempted suicide. “Relationship with the knowledge and wisdom contained within” indeed.

I have not gotten around to finishing any novel that I started. Either this is a friendly warning not to, or it’s just my ghost friends telling me that it’s okay to lose my mind and pour sleeping pills down my throat. If I survive, I get to write my memoirs of losing my mind!

Hmm, I wonder if it’s any coincidence that I’m having trouble sleeping again. Fun thoughts for the weekend, and no doubt, a fun book review in the near future… as long as I don’t suddenly finish writing a novel over Chinese New Year.

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