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I’ve gotten around the playing Fate again. It’s a 3D slash-and-hack RPG, similar to Diablo. I stumbled upon it a couple of years back, played and got hooked, but didn’t finish because I am easily distracted. While sorting out my back-up CDs, I found it again and decided to reinstall and play.

The one I had was a *cough* cracked version, but there was something wrong with it. After 15 levels or so, the game shuts down. There is no way around it, and the same thing happens when I start a new character. So I actually considered buying the game because I want to finish it, damnit.

After some investigating, I found that Fate is available for purchase from the WildGames website at US$19.90. However, I noticed another payment option called WildCoins and checked it out.

Turns out that WildGames has something of a game arcade system. WildCoins are tokens which you can purchase in starter packages of 80 ($19.90) or 40 ($9.90), or even on a monthly subscription. You need 6 Coins to play Fate.

Since I wasn’t prepared to commit to buying the game, the WildCoins system seems like a good solution for someone who might wander off and not touch it again for months. I bought the smallest starter pack and it was game on again.

(The interesting thing about using WildCoins is that the more you spend on one game, the bigger the discount when you eventually decide to buy the game. I just found that I can buy Fate almost half the original price now, but I still have plenty of coins to go.)

Predictably, I got distracted when I got my new Dell notebook and stopped playing for about a month. A couple of days ago, I felt the yearn to play again and fire it up on the ole desktop.

Being old, my desktop seemed to be lagging worse than before. I spent much of last night working the sluggish mouse and keyboard, and clearing off a few levels. I was running out of Coins and I wanted to get the best bang for my buck while I can. After that was over, I installed Fate into my notebook and spent 3 of the 4 free plays figuring out how exactly I should transfer my saved game over from the desktop.

I finally figure it out this morning. The graphic is beautiful and fresh, and the controls aren’t so sluggish anymore. I bought another 40 WildCoins to celebrate, and since it was my day off, guess where I was the whole afternoon.


The above is my character, Nina. You only get to pick the gender, name, face, hair and whether you want your sidekick to be a cat or dog. If you’ve never seen a cat or dog that looks like what’s standing next to my character, well, that’s because it’s a Dire Unicorn. You pick up fishes in the game that turns your pet into another creature, complete with enhanced stats, for a certain duration. Or permanently, if you get a Flawless fish.

Whether your character becomes a warrior or mage depends on where you invest your stats. I’m primarily a warrior/rogue kinda player, but magic is incredibly useful to have because you can summon monsters to do your fighting for you.

The pet is useful for fighting in the early levels, but it becomes something of a pack mule when you have an entourage of monsters. It holds as much as your character in the inventory, and you can send it out of the dungeon to sell items.

I also found the Fate forum last night, and discovered that the game indeed does have cheat codes. And mods. And that it probably runs on for a lot longer and deeper than I originally thought. They mentioned “endless levels” and one forum poster said he’s seen level 100,000. At level 30, I’ve barely put a dent into it.

I guess I’ll be buying the game at some point in the near future. I mean, I should obsess over something else for a while. The Internet is getting boring.

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9 Comments on “Tempting Fate

  1. Mozaiciris: Knowing me, I may gush about it now, but I may completely lose interest tomorrow. If that happens, I can still use the Coins for other games instead of being stuck with one game I’ll never play again. If I do find myself out of Coins and still wanting to play, it’s definitely time to buy. :-)

  2. lol it’s just 20 bucks.
    if it is a game u would be playing on and off throughout your entire life…20 bucks is nothing.

    but if you want to look at it from a cost/fun ratio let’s compare it to going to a movie theater.

    $20USD = ~ RM60-70.
    Assuming movie tickets are the same price they were when I lived in misa…it would be RM10-12 per ticket. A typical movie is about 2 hrs.

    so RM70/12 ~= 6… 6*2 = 12hrs.

    So basically if you have more than 12 hours of fun in game…u’ve already payed off the equivalent of 12 hrs of possibly bad movies.

    Here it’s even worse…a ticket usually cost about $7-12USD (depending on location and time) so I would’ve paid off the game in like 6 hours.

    assuming you’re like most ppl who like playing games…u will prolly pay off that 12hrs really fast. also u need to pay off those 12 hours throughout your entire lifetime (assuming u take care of your stuff like I do).

  3. Hey I was wondering when u buy Fate and if u do buy it do u still have to use wild coins to play. Or is it easier to just buy wild coins and go through them all.
    If u can reply as soon as possible that would be nice because I rlly want to start playing thx

    1. Far as I know, you don’t need the coins any more once you buy it. For some people, buying the game might work out to be cheaper than using coins, especially if you take a long time to play it.

  4. Lol in late 2009 I played it on wildgames, hooked instantly, got it at best buy for 10 bucks lol, and it came with undiscovered realms…

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