FREE: Beautiful Children by Charles Bock

Random House has decided to take a bold move this week, making one of its hottest titles available for free download for a limited time. Charles Bock’s debut effort Beautiful Children has set the literary world aflame, attracting glowing notices from the New York Times, Washington Post, and elsewhere, and nosing onto the NYT Bestseller List. The download went live last night at midnight and is up until Friday night

Books – Jan/Feb 2008

I wanted to post this perhaps 3 hours ago, but met with some kind of error when I tried uploading this photo. It’s fixed now, but that’s how much time I lost trying to figure out what went wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping nothing else explodes in my face. This is part of the loot from the last couple of months. Some have been lent out and there’s

Lanterns at the temple

Seems like an awfully long time since I took my camera out just for fun. I didn’t watermark this one because I uploaded it on my flickr. While I don’t mind if you want to nick my photos to repost on your blog, I do expect credit and a link if it isn’t already there. I bought a metre of black felt. Now I have enough material for one certain

Note to all email users

Dear People Who Have My E-mail Address, That forwarded email (those things with huge blocks of past recipients and a lot of “Fwd:” in front of an eye-catching subject) that you’re about to send me because you’re concerned about the well-being of me and mine? I can usually prove it’s a hoax after spending 30 seconds on Google. Furthermore, I take great pleasure in hitting Reply, pasting the URLs and