Lanterns at the temple

Seems like an awfully long time since I took my camera out just for fun.


I didn’t watermark this one because I uploaded it on my flickr. While I don’t mind if you want to nick my photos to repost on your blog, I do expect credit and a link if it isn’t already there.

I bought a metre of black felt. Now I have enough material for one certain project.

Author: Georgette Tan

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2 Comments on “Lanterns at the temple

  1. Vivienne: I don’t remember the name but there’s this store that’s 3-shops big that sells all sorts of sewing accessories and craft things at China Street (one of the little streets between Carpenter St and Main Bazaar Road). They sell them in squares of 1 foot (RM1.50 or thereabouts) or in metres (RM16.80/metre). Hope that helps.

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