A Short Update

Swinburne Sarawak’s Photomedia & Design Club is hosting the Amnesty International Film Festival. For more information, please go here. Still abstaining from buying books, but then again, I have Neverwinter Nights to keep me busy. Very, very busy. Here’s my character at the start of Chapter 3, after having some new weapons made by the dwarven smithy on my left.  She usually has a thief’s hood and a cloak on,

Stoopid spam bots

Comment spam have been slipping through again so I’ve installed WP-SpamFree to see if it helps with the problem. If you’re having trouble commenting on my blog, please let me know what kind of error you get via the email on the sidebar. Thanks.

Books – March 2008

Why yes, the photo above means I succumbed and now own it. I got it a couple of weeks ago (on election day, if I’m not mistaken) but have not gotten around to blogging about it. It was down to RM136 after the Times World Book Day discount. That hurts less. I am so weak. I shot the above photo (sans Notebook for Fantastical Observations) because my editor thought it

Garden variety kittehs

Came home today and found the neighbour’s young cats busy exploring my back yard. I shot this through the grill, but the two were fearless and didn’t mind that I was there. the one in the first photo below was right on the other side of the grill from me. I guess they figured the silly human is stuck in the cage and they are safe! Ah, kittehs. I’ll get

Have you seen these books?

While rearranging and cataloguing my books, I discovered that some of them are missing. They’re probably borrowed by someone but I’ve not noted down the borrower and I don’t remember who has them. If you have them, please let me know so I can update my records. If nobody owes up, I’m gonna have to write them off as lost. That’s not gonna make me happy because everything on this