Books – March 2008


Why yes, the photo above means I succumbed and now own it. I got it a couple of weeks ago (on election day, if I’m not mistaken) but have not gotten around to blogging about it. It was down to RM136 after the Times World Book Day discount. That hurts less. I am so weak.

I shot the above photo (sans Notebook for Fantastical Observations) because my editor thought it was a waste not to show the box in the review.

The good news is that I promised myself I will not buy any other book this month, and have managed to keep that promise. In fact, abstaining have somewhat quelled that mad BUY!BOOK!NOW! urge. I spent this month reading from the pile of unread books, sorting out the collection and updating my LT account.

I’m currently reading Wena Poon’s “Lions in Winter” and John Sutherland’s “How To Read A Novel: A User’s Guide”. What are you reading?

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